Our Corporate Culture

High-Efficiency Processing

PCK processes some 12 million metric tons of crude oil to produce:

  • Petrol (gasoline)
  • Diesel fuel
  • Heating oil
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Bitumen
  • Kerosene
  • Sulphur
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylenes) and
  • Energy (electricity, steam)

To meet the wide range of market demands, PCK produces some 20 different grades of fuel. PCK was one of the first refineries in Germany to use biofuels and is itself one of the foremost producers of high-quality biofuel components. All of our fuels are of course sulphur-free.

Our responsibility as a company

We are aware of our considerable social responsibility as the largest employer in the region.
Responsible and sustainable practices have long been fundamental to our strategy.
PCK has held the Seal of Social and Environmental Quality since 1994, and has been awarded ISO14001 certification for its social and ecological practices.

We recognise the importance of dialogue

We are a company which recognises its responsibilities, and as such we treat our neighbours with care, sensitivity and respect. We are a reliable partner and an attractive employer, and take our social accountability seriously. This improves the profile of both the region and our company.PCK works as a supportive partner with local authorities, institutions and associations. One of the areas to which we devote particular energy is promoting the interests of young people.

Improving educational opportunities – securing the future

Education is the key to the future of our children and the development of our society. It is never too soon to start: PCK supports nurseries in Schwedt and the wider region.As the leading chemical business in the state of Brandenburg, we are keen to enthuse our young people in the natural sciences from an early age.Schoolchildren are able to experience our refinery at first hand on organised excursions, which give them an opportunity to learn about the technological processes involved in crude oil processing.PCK awards an annual ‘Prize for Scientific Excellence’ to school-leavers in Schwedt; every year, two graduates from the Carl Friedrich Gauss grammar school and Talsand Schwedt/Oder comprehensive school receive this honour, which recognises outstanding achievements – both curricular and extra-curricular – in the natural sciences, as well as the prize-winners’ commitment to society.The PCK ‘Prize for Scientific Excellence’ is endowed with Euro 1200 for each recipient.

PCK supports cultural projects and agencies in the region

PCK is the largest sponsor in the region of culture, sport and social activities.