Schwedt and its surroundings

Schwedt/Oder is located in the north-eastern part of the Berlin-Brandenburg economic conurbation, directly on the Polish border. Berlin is a mere 85 km away and the Polish border crossing only 7 km. In 20 minutes, you can be on the A 20 heading north and, in 35 minutes, on the A 11 bound for Berlin.


With its 600 lakes and 2,800 km of flowing waters, the Uckermark is one of the most scenic areas in Germany. The magnificent regional landscape provides ample opportunity for sport, leisure and recreation. Follow any of the many waterways, cycle paths and hiking trails to discover the picturesque spots of the “Lower Oder Valley” National Park.

The sports and cultural facilities of Schwedt/Oder extend beyond the city limits. The “Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt” are among the most popular theatres in Brandenburg.

Schwedt has developed into a powerful and innovative location supported by regional and state policy.

In 2009, Schwedt/Oder was awarded the title of “family-friendly city”, due to its excellent range of day care centres for children, its social and sports facilities and its services.

PCK is a member of the UCKERMARK regional brand interest group.

Industrial and energy location with a bright future


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