Top refinery in Europe

Every year, PCK turns about 12 million tons of crude oil into

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Fuel oils
  • Liquid gas
  • Bitumen
  • Jet fuel
  • Sulphur
  • Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes)
  • Energy (electricity, steam)

PCK produces about 20 different qualities of fuel to meet a wide range of demands of the market. PCK was one of the first refineries in Germany to employ biofuels and is a major manufacturer of high-quality biofuel components itself. Of course, all our fuels are free of sulphur.


We produce 20 different types of fuel.

50 %

of the electricity we generate is fed into the federal state grid.

PCK forms a consortium refinery with its shareholders:

  • Rosneft Deutschland GmbH with 37.5 %
  • Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH with 37.5 %
  • AET Raffineriebeteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbH with 25 %
    (Rosneft Refining & Marketing GmbH and Eni Deutschland GmbH)

Our shareholders have invested 2 billion euros in PCK over the past 20 years – predominantly in efficient technologies and environmental protection.

PCK investment companies:

  • Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH Schwedt (MLV)
  • PCK & elf Tanklagerbetrieb Seefeld GbR (PETS)

PCK comprises a crude oil tank farm and a pier at the oil port in Rostock, the Schwedt-Seefeld pipeline measuring 78 km, the Schwedt-Rostock pipeline measuring 203 km and a hazardous waste facility.


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PCK business segments

Efficient processing thanks to an innovative residue concept

PCK is a residue-free refinery. The final crude oil components that cannot be used otherwise are converted into electrical energy in the power plant (combined heat and power). This modern power plant supplies district heating to the city of Schwedt. Three stages of flue gas cleaning guarantee that more than 90 percent of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust are eliminated.

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Plant capacities

Crude oil distillation: 10,800 kt/a

Vacuum distillation: 5,500 kt/a

Catalytic cracking (FCC): 2,850 kt/a

Thermal cracking (visbreaker, HSC): 2,600 kt/a

Catalytic cracking plants: 1,530 kt/a

Alkylation: 330 kt/a

Isomerisation: 575 kt/a

ETBE: 96 kt/a


Desulphurisation plants

• For gasoline: 2,200 kt/a

• For petroleum and middle distillates: 5,300 kt/a

• For vacuum distillates: 3,300 kt/a

Bitumen production: 420 kt/a

Sulphur production: 160 kt/a

Aromatics production: 230 kt/a


Power plant

• Steam generation: 1,550 t/h

• Electricity generation: 300 MW



Production quantities

Primary products of mineral oil processing

Liquid gases (propane, butane, propylene): 440 kt/a

Gasoline: 3,000 kt/a

Diesel fuel: 3,800 kt/a

Extra light fuel oil: 1,100 kt/a

Jet fuel: 430 kt/a

Heavy fuel oil: 700 kt/a

Bitumen: 310 kt/a


Petrochemical products / other

Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes): 165 kt/a

Sulphur: 125 kt/a

Sodium sulphate: 8 kt/a


Eco-friendly logistics

PCK enjoys a strategic location on the Druzhba pipeline, which supplies Germany with 25 percent of its crude oil from a crude oil pipeline that is approx. 5,000 km in length. The Rostock-Schwedt pipeline provides PCK with crude oil in addition.

Berlin is supplied via the Seefeld product pipeline. Jet fuel is carried to Tegel airport by tank truck and to Schönefeld airport by rail tank cars.

Our logistics concept is one of a kind in its eco-friendliness.

The products are distributed as follows:

60 %

by rail

27 %

by pipeline

13 %

by road

Hazardous waste disposal

PCK Raffinerie GmbH operates a hazardous waste disposal plant.

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Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture – our PCK

PCK's success is founded on the personal commitment of each and every employee.

PCK employees from all divisions have come together to develop the PCK code of conduct. It outlines the rules of conduct within the team, with partner companies, suppliers and authorities in their day-to-day work.

Corporate values and code of conduct (“UNSERE PCK”)

  • We operate economically and with our customers in mind.
  • We are able to recognise opportunities.
  • We seize the openings in the market.
  • We welcome change.
  • We have the courage to break new ground.

Every employee of PCK is a valuable part of our company.

We are highly committed to see our company succeed.

We are all responsible both for the well-being of our employees and for our region.

It is in our nature to protect the property of PCK (be it financial, tangible or intangible). We handle it with care and do not use or appropriate it improperly or without permission for our own purposes.

We protect PCK’s assets against waste, loss, damage, misuse, theft and misappropriation.

We respect the assets of others.

  • We reduce waste and emissions.
  • We use energy efficiently.
  • We are committed to creating an environment worth living in and promote culture, art and sport.
  • We promote educational opportunities in our region.
  • We support clubs, day care centres and schools.
  • We look after our own health and that of our colleagues.
  • Wir achten auf unsere Gesundheit und die Gesundheit unserer Kollegen.
  • We strengthen our health awareness.
  • We live a healthy life.


PCK ensures that the workstations and their surroundings (machines, equipment and work processes, chemical substances, etc.) do not endanger the physical integrity or health of their employees.

Appropriate measures to reduce the risk of accidents and improve working conditions are the aim of regular optimisation processes. Furthermore, employees receive health and safety training at work.

All PCK employees embrace health protection as a way of life, which does not stop at the works gate.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that every employee leaves the premises just as healthy as when they arrived. Beyond that, every employee is responsible for maintaining his or her own health and performance.

  • We feel it is our responsibility to keep our PCK employees, partner companies and neighbours safe.
  • We act with intent and care.
  • We are highly disciplined in our work and comply with regulations.

We are constantly improving ourselves by talking openly about our mistakes and learning from our own mistakes and those of others. The aim of ensuring the safety of our employees and all people on our works premises is just as important to us as PCK’s economic success. Occupational safety is an essential component in all our operational processes. We have therefore defined quantifiable environmental and safety specifications in our working documents. It is mandatory for everyone to comply with these. Personal safety and process safety require more than just following rules. We care about the safety of our colleagues deeply. It is not inconsiderate to make our colleagues aware of unsafe behaviour. We must all pay attention to safety risks in our work.


  • We value honesty.
  • We are honest with each other and trust each other.

We trust each other and show tolerance towards each other. We maintain a professional relationship with our customers and suppliers.

We contribute to the success of the company with our knowledge and skills.

The ideas and suggestions of our employees drive us forward.

Mistakes happen in any kind of work. We want to learn from our mistakes. It is crucial therefore to admit to mistakes and to assess them in order to avert damage. It is equally important to report mistakes or any misconduct because we can only learn from mistakes that we know of.

Our success relies on business relationships based on trust. All parties benefit from this trust.

The key to maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships is to not only focus on the needs of stakeholders, but to display honesty, respect and responsibility in our dealings with them. This applies to our partner companies, contractual partners and authorities. Professional competitiveness should always go hand in hand with proper and fair conduct.

Our trade secrets and those of our shareholders including inventions, formulas, prices etc., form valuable business information. We treat them confidentially and do not pass them on to unauthorised parties. This also applies to the trade secrets of our business partners and customers.

PCK does not tolerate immoral or corrupt behaviour by its employees or business partners. Decisions based on corruption are immoral, distort competition and damage our company’s reputation and assets.

  • We treat each other, partner companies, suppliers and customers with respect.
  • We appreciate the work of others.
  • We value each person, their character and individuality

At PCK every person has the right to be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect.

We honour the internationally recognised human rights and the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (GG) and abide by them.

We appreciate and respect others and avoid creating situations that may seem inappropriate to others. We are considerate and cautious when discussing political and religious issues.

We speak out against hostile, intimidating or humiliating behaviour.

We respect the work of others.

Our cooperation is characterised by respect and mutual appreciation. This means that we allow different opinions and are tolerant of different religions and views of life. We address problems openly and solve them together.

  • We use our raw materials and resources to their full potential.
  • We draw on our creativity and are constantly improving ourselves.
  • We focus on solutions and work in teams.

Every employee is expected to apply the discipline required to perform his or her tasks efficiently and safely.

  • We are professionally and socially competent.
  • We work routinely, reliably with the goal in mind.
  • We draw on our skills to deliver excellent results.
  • We are constantly seeking further training.

Our success relies on business relationships based on trust. All parties benefit from this trust. This plays into professional behaviour as much as efficiency and entrepreneurial thinking.

The key to maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships is to not only focus on the needs of stakeholders, but to display honesty, respect and responsibility in our dealings with them.

This applies to our partner companies, contractual partners and authorities. Professional competitiveness should always go hand in hand with proper and fair conduct.

  • We see diversity as a gift.
  • Gender or age, marital status or skin colour, culture or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or illness, religious affiliation or world view do not affect how we treat each other.

A culture of equal opportunities, trust and mutual respect is of utmost importance.

We treat all colleagues equally, regardless of gender, age, illness, marital status, skin colour, culture, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religious affiliation or world view.

Our employees are assessed on their performance only and are deployed according to their skills and knowledge. In turn, each employee contributes to the company to the best of his or her ability within the scope of his or her potential/skill set.

PCK does not tolerate any unlawful behaviour within the scope of the employment relationship.

  • We benefit from excellent communication with other specialist departments.
  • We have the courage to ask questions.
  • We communicate openly.
  • We share our knowledge with others.

Each colleague shares crucial information with others and in turn gathers all required information to be able to fulfil his or her tasks.

At PCK, we attach great importance to open and accurate reporting and communication concerning our business transactions with our shareholders, employees, business partners and the public.

We ensure that all communication about our company is justified and appropriate. Communications must be true, accurate and must not be deceptive.

Insufficient or incorrect information can have a detrimental effect on PCK’s reputation and business. Confidential information must be protected.

It may only be disclosed if permission has been granted.

Our corporate responsibility

As an employer in the region, we bear a high level of social responsibility. For us, responsible and sustainable action has long been part of our strategy. Since 1994, PCK has carried the Social and Environmental Seal of Approval and is certified according to ISO14001 with regard to its social and ecological behaviour.

Unsere Unternehmensziele

Unsere Führungsgrundsätze

Health, Safety, Environment & Energy and Quality

Unsere Energiepolitik

Further topics included in our corporate policy:

As a responsible company, we strive to treat our neighbours with care, compassion and respect. We are a reliable partner and an attractive employer and take our social responsibility seriously. This boosts the appeal of the region and of our company.

As a partner, PCK primarily supports sports clubs, schools and cultural institutions. One key aspect of our activities is to promote young people.

Education is the key to the future of our children and the development of our society. Support must start early: PCK supports day care centres in the city of Schwedt and the surrounding region.

As a major crude oil company in the State of Brandenburg, we want to spark interest in science among young people. Within the framework of school excursions, pupils are given the opportunity to experience our refinery live and learn about the technological processes of crude oil processing.

Once a year, PCK awards the “Preis für Naturwissenschaftliche Exzellenz” (Prize for scientific excellence) to school pupils in their final “Abitur” year from Schwedt. This prize is awarded annually to two such pupils each from the Carl Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium and the Talsand Schwedt/Oder Gesamtschule. It honours outstanding achievements in the natural sciences, both in and outside of school, and the social and community commitment of the prize winners. Each PCK “Preis für Naturwissenschaftliche Exzellenz” winner is awarded 1,200 euros.

PCK is the largest sponsor in the cultural, sports and social sector in its region.

“Prize for scientic excellence”

Call for proposals for the award of the
"PCK-Preis für Naturwissenschaftliche Exzellenz" 

(Prize for scientific excellence)

PCK Raffinerie GmbH strives to boost the culture of learning in the Uckermark region and encourage young people’s interest in science. For this reason, the company awards six prizes each year to school pupils who are in their final “Abitur” year in the Uckermark region attending a Gymnasium or a Gesamtschule. PCK thus honours pupils who have achieved outstanding results in the natural sciences and who have demonstrated a high degree of social or community commitment.

The prize is endowed with 1,200 euros per pupil.

Pupils who began their education in schools in the Uckermark region but are sitting their final “Abitur” exams outside the district may also apply for this prize.