Environment, Quality & Energy

400 Million for the Environment

Over the past years, PCK has invested more than 400 million euros in environmental protection projects, for example:

  • Desulphurisation units and scrubbers
  • New furnaces for optimized combustion and lower emissions
  • Low-sulphur gas to fuel the furnaces
  • A new power station with a three-stage scrubber: DeNOxing, dedusting, desulphurisation
  • Refurbishment of the tank farm to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and protect the soil
  • Installation of an emissions monitoring system
  • Cleanup of pollutants left behind by the East German operators, a major ecological project carried out in cooperation with the Brandenburg state government, the Ministry for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection, the Federal Privatisation Agency (BvS) and the Uckermark District authorities.

As a service to our neighbours we have set up an environment phone where callers can get information around the clock: The number is +49 3332-46 2244.


Our Quality Assurance

Our highly trained staff ensures quality compliance around the clock.

  • A comprehensive auditing system
  • Over half of PCK's products are of high-purity, sulphur-free quality. The petrol and diesel that we supply to customers has a sulphur content of less than 10 ppm.
  • Our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification system ensures that all our products are manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Routine sampling, intelligent laboratory analysis and the use of state-of-the-art online analysis guarantees that our customers get the quality they expect.