PCK - A good place to work

Taking advantage of our training schemes to acquire technical skills

PCK recognises how important it is to obtain good qualifications.
We provide our employees with opportunities which will help them perform their work competently, and in a motivated, engaged and skilled manner, and enable them to cope with changes within the company and with the challenges of their work.

To this end, we offer a wide range of training opportunities to support their development in their chosen career.

Your training means a lot to us

In-house training is one of the inherent principles which determine the strategic direction of PCK. We are dedicated to offering a range of professional and needs-based educational opportunities.

We conduct seminars and workshops for specific target groups, and draw up an individual qualification agreement with each employee.

As well as our own comprehensive in-house training programme, we also offer access to external training courses and seminars.
The areas covered include:

  • Technical and specialist training
  • Industrial safety training
  • Plant security instruction
  • IT classes (MS Office, specialist software)
  • Language courses

We also offer our employees the opportunity to improve their skills

  • on a day-release course
  • on a day-release foreman’s training course
  • in direct education